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धेरै घाम धेरै पानी मा धेरै टिक्ने ढाेका Timber Gallery काे FRP DOOR

NPR. 9000

Product Details

 Timber Gallery FRP door for balcony and Bathroom 

FRP stands for ‘Fibre Reinforced Polymer’ a material made from a polymer resin, which is reinforced by chopped strand mat glass fibres to form a FRP laminate.
It is a very popular composite material to use because not only is it very strong but also surprisingly light. Invented by Russel Games in 1938 it was originally used on boats and water containers but has since been developed and become one of the most widely used materials in the construction industry.
FRP is more commonly known as fibreglass – a durable, lightweight, flexible, fully reinforced and waterproof material capable of being moulded to any shape.LEARN MORE >
Ideal Types of Applications for FRP Doors

Balcony and terrace swimming Pools and Leisure Centers
Pharmaceutical & Biotech Labs
Infant Nutritional & Dried Milk Processing
Industrial Kitchens
Hospital & X-Ray Departments
Food & Beverage Processing

Benefits of FRP Doors
They’re light, require very little maintenance, have a high resistance to denting, warping, bowing, twisting, splitting, peeling, flaking, cracking and fading, making them extremely durable. Ulti Hygienic FRP doors can be used across a wide variety of areas but are ideally suited to areas requiring maximum hygiene, cleanability and durability. This makes them particularly suited to pharmaceutical, food, health, retail and leisure environments.

Ulti FRP doors are manufactured from glass reinforced polyester It do not contain organic material, so are not subject to decompose With a smooth and seamless construction, they have no ledges, recesses or right angles where dust or bacteria can be trapped and grow.
TG FRP doors are completely Heat, water and chemical resistant which makes them ideal for areas with regular and rigorous cleaning regimes. FRP doors are non-shedding and will not warp, swell, rot or rust, even in the most hard conditions. FRP doors are extremely strong and durable, yet standard weight and easy to operate. The built-in color of our doors is aesthetically pleasing and requires no maintenance.
Our range of FRP doors includes; hinged FRP doors, double action FRP doors, sliding FRP doors,. Timber Gallery FRP doors are available with up to two hours fire rating and in a range of standard or custom-made designs, colors and sizes.