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Molded Door Design| Made By Timber Gallery In Nepal

NPR. 5990

Product Details

Molded Skin doors
Infinite Design and Color Possibilities – High-Density Cores
Primer Colored Finishes – Water & Scratch Resistant
Looking for a classic design at an affordable Price ? "TG Door"
Molded Doors give you a wide Range of designs and model to choose from. All our moldedprimer Door facings are imported from the world’s most renowned manufacturer Company , Vanachai Thailand and Masonite USA, are available in white and gold Primer Color finishes

Molded SkinPanel Doors

TGD – 4 Panel .
Dooor Filler Options Solid PB : Density - 550Kg/m3, Moisture content : 6 to 7 %
Solid Wood Core Moisture 6-9%
Door Style & Rail Nepali Pine wood Treated and seasoned Moisture content : 8-12%
Door Facing 3mmVanachai & Masonite Door skin : Density - 1000 Kg/m3,
Construction : Cross linked wood fibre, Water absorbtion : Upto 35%
After 8 hrs in boiling water - Thickness swelling : Upto 25%, Linear Expansion : Upto 35%
Water resistance : 4hr boiling Water resistant
Door pressing Glue Melamine Urea Formaldehyde (MUF) Plus Hardner
Door Finish Primer / Painted
Door Edge Finish Primer / Painted