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Solid Wood Core 3 Panel Door Design

NPR. 5790

Product Details

Skin Door Design 

3 Panel Oak Door 32 x 80
Water resistance
Termite froof
Bend less
Solid wood core
"Made in Nepal"
10 Years warranty

Doors with ideal weight Timber Gallery guarantee 30% weight reduction
A door that closed properly Timber Gallery guarantee No bending
Door with perfect surface Timber Gallery guarantee Thickness precision +-1 mm
Door reducing sound transmission Timber gallery guarantee less noise pollution
Door protecting from fire Timber Gallery guarantee fire protection
10 Years Replacement Warranty
Made in Nepal
Waterproof Door facing is made by Masonite USA Golden Door Skin Boiling hot water resistance can be used in kitchen, bathroom & balcony.
For Interior door Door Skin Made by Vanachai Thailand .